• Statement of Important Matters

Statement of Important Matters

Important Matters regarding the Registration of CVS Western Union® Money TransferSM Services ("DSK TRANSFERS")

  • DSK Transfers through the Western Union® Money TransferSM services are provided by Densan System Co., Ltd. ("DSK"). You are able to make money transfer transactions via the convenience stores' terminal equipment, which are installed by DSK affiliates or parties contracted to DSK. In addition to it, you are able to make money transfer transactions via personal computers as well as from mobile phone with Internet access. Whichever channel you use to initiate money transfer transaction, please make a payment at a cashier of any designated convenience store to fund the transaction and pay the transfer fee. DSK suggest that follow guidance set out in the User Guide.
  • Once you have completed a user registration and received a notification, DSK Transfers are available to you continuously until the expiration date of the identity verification documents you submitted at the time of pre-registration application. However, DSK may at any time terminate your registration and therefore the provision of DSK Transfers to you. You may also cancel your registration of DSK Transfers anytime. There is not any cancellation fee. When you apply for a cancellation, please notify DSK.
  • In registration, you are required to declare your personal information as the sender, the receiver's personal information, relationship between the sender and the receiver, etc. Do not falsify the declared information. You are required to notify DSK immediately of a change of the information provided at the time of pre-registration application. DSK Transfers will be unavailable at the expiration date of the identity verification documents you submitted at the time of pre-registration application. Users who wish to continue or renew the contract with DSK, you will be asked to submit necessary documents which include re-submission of a new application form, and a copy of your renewed identity verification documents.
  • User identification ("ID") and password ("Password") will be provided to you to access the DSK Transfers system on verification of your registration by DSK. Please take good care of ID and Password. You should not disclose your ID and Password to any person. In case someone other than yourself makes money transfer by using your ID and Password, DSK accepts no liability for such transfer.
  • DSK Transfers set a certain limit of principal amount per transaction as well as a certain limits of accumulated principal amounts per month and per year. DSK Transfers exceeding these pre-defined and notified transaction limits will be rejected.
  • DSK Transfers provide sending services from Japan to Overseas only. Receiving services from Overseas to Japan are not provided. When you cancel a transaction and if it has not been paid out Overseas, DSK will refund the principal amount sent to your pre-registered bank account or by registered postal cash envelope. The transfer fee will not be refunded. You shall be responsible for all associated refund charges.
  • The foreign exchange rates to be applied to DSK Transfers are determined by Western Union by adding certain spreads to the foreign exchange rates announced by Bloomberg. Those rates are updated 3 times a day, and the latest rate is applied to each transaction. The spreads of the foreign exchange rates vary depending on the destination country and territory, but the maximum is approximately 4%. Also, the transfer fees to be applied to DSK Transfers are determined in accordance with the transfer fee table published on the website of DSK Transfer. The spreads applied foreign exchange rates and the transfer fees may change from time to time.
  • You agree that DSK may collect, process, use, and disclose your personal information to any third parties assisting DSK in provision of DSK Transfers for them to process and use. The information is used primarily by DSK and such third parties to complete your DSK Transfers and administer your registration and participation. Without this information, your DSK Transfers and registration / participation may not be completed. The information disclosed may include information describing your transactions with DSK; identification information, such as the name, telephone number, date of birth, arc number, address and other information about you and your recipients. You agree that DSK and such third parties may also disclose your personal information to Japanese and foreign regulatory or law enforcement agencies where DSK and such third parties are authorized or compelled by law. Further, you agree that DSK may transfer your information to Western Union for Western Union to use such information to contact you about other products and services associated with Western Union.
  • complaints and/or inquiries regarding your DSK Transfer registration, please make contact with the following Customer Service Center.
    Contact from Japan

    Phone: (Toll Free) 0120-3630-44
    (9:00 - 22:00,everyday)
    Address: 4-3-17 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
    BRICKs Corporation.
    DSK International MT Support Center

regarding the Western Union® Money TransferSM Services (“Services”)

The Services are not provided by a bank.

  • The Services are not foreign exchange services provided by a bank, etc.
  • The Services do not involve any acceptance of deposits, savings or installment savings.
  • The Services are not subject to any insurance payments (Article 53, Deposit Insurance Act and Article 55, Agricultural and Fishery Cooperation Savings Insurance Act).
  • For the benefit of consumers, all consumer funds are protected by a Letter of Credit issued by Mizuho Bank (Money Transfer Business Act).
  • Until a money transfer is released to the receiver, consumers have a right to a refund by exercising their refund rights (Article 59, Act Concerning Settlement of Funds).
  • Western Union Agents must record your transaction purpose details (Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act Article No 17).
  • Please protect yourself from Consumer Fraud.
  • Are you acquainted with the receiver?
  • DO NOT send money to people you do not personally know.
  • DO NOT send money for internet shopping payments or for advance payment for services.
  • When you receive a money transfer request, please call the requester directly to confirm the request details before sending money. You may become a victim of fraud if you send money upon e-mail request without verifying the requestor’s identity.
  • When you inform the receiver of the transaction details, including the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number), please communicate it with the receiver by means of a secure channel such as telephone.
  • Please report the matter to the police immediately if you think you have encountered a consumer fraud situation.

Western Union Japan K.K. Director-General of Kanto Financial Bureau No.00039

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